Allagi Jaau – Sweet food of Margasira Gurubar

Alaagi Jaau – Sweet food of Margasira Gurubar

Grated Coconut, Milk, Sugar, Rice Grain, Mung Daal, Urad Dal and whole Arabi ( Saru ), some areas people Kandha Mula ( Sweet Potatoes )  tempering with jira ( Cumin ) – The recipe is called Alagi Jau . Alaagi means not offer to deity, The recipe is not offered to Mahalaxmi at Margasira 1st Thursday and any remaining Thursday. But Odia people taking the food as prasad on this day.

Sweet dish but not as Khiri at Odia cuisine. The smell and taste is different and the exact swaad ( taste ) come this month ( Margasira Month) only . You can say the recipe in a Lost recipe category.