Oven Baked Chenapoda – Classic native taste of Odisha

Classic native taste of Odisha.. we are taking a packet of chenapoda when we go to friends and relatives.. In celebration, chenapoda is the must having sweet at home.. 🎆🎆🎇🎈🎉

Home made cottage cheese: 1&1/2cup

Suji/ semolina:1tbsp.

Powdered Sugar:1 &1/2cup

Raisins (chopped): 2tbsp.

Cashew nuts (chopped): 2tbsp.

Pistachio (chopped):1 tbsp. (optional)

Cardamom (powdered): 1 tsp.

Baking powder: ½ tsp. ( optionally not used by me )

Brown sugar to dust the greased pan ( if not available add ordinary sugar)

Ghee/ butter for greasing

Handful Raisins and cashews

Take the home made chena (after draining out the water) in a flat plate and knead with your palm till it is soft.

Add suji (semolina), sugar and powdered green cardamom to the kneaded chena. Mix them well. As you will mix the sugar you will see the chena will become wet. It will take a moist smooth soft texture.

Add the chopped dry fruits and mix again.

Pre-heat the oven to 400F/300C.

Take baking tray grease it with ghee and dust it with brown sugar. This brown sugar will caramelized to give a brilliant brown color to the chena poda.

Add baking powder to the chena just before putting it inside the oven. Mix baking powder well and put the mixture evenly in a baking tray or oven proof bowl. ( * )

.Flatten the surface with a knife or spatula.

Bake for 30min at 400F/300C. The chena will rise just like a cake.

Grease an aluminum foil with butter and cover the baking tray and keep baking at 200F/100C for 20min. But be very careful when you are doing this, the baking tray would be very hot.

Insert a toothpick or a knife at the center of the baked chena, if it comes out clean then your chena poda is done. If you found sticky chena mixture on the toothpick or knife then bake it for some more time.

Let it cool down, take it out on a plate, cut into slices and serve.