Sweet Pumpkin Soups – ଗାଢା କଖାରୁ ମିଠା ସୁପ

250 Gram pumpkin cuttings
6 buds garlic
small onion
Half cup sweet corn
3 spoon Amul butter
2 spoon corn flour
1/4 Maggie of a small packet
1 pinch keya parsley

Boiled the cutting pumpkins, then make fine paste grinding. Finely chopped onions and garlic buds. Put the butter on hot kadhai, then add chopped garlic and one afer other and saute for 2 minute frying. Then put pumpkin paste, and add warm water but not too much.. Then i add sweet corn, and Maggie noodles. After add mixed corn flour water .. Boiled and check the constancy as per your preference.. Then add salt as per your taste. Plating the soup, and for seasoning add pinch of dry parsley .

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