Recipe Courtesy: Preeti Nanda & odisha plates

Dry roast fennel ,cumin and fenugreek seeds roast separate each seeds.

Make a rough powder of fennel, cumin,and Fenugreek .

Wash the mango properly and rub with a cloth to dry.

Cut the mango into square with its green skin .

Discard the seeds.

Collect all mangoes in a pot add salt and turmeric powder

Toss well and keep under sun for 2 hrs.

Heat a kadhai, add water and jaggary on medium heat cook till the jaggery melts.

Add mango with its leftover water and red chili powder,

Stir well ,the syrup should be 1 thread syrup and till the mango is done.

Remove from heat cool down room temperature.

Now heat mustard oil cool down then add into mango mixer and then add spices powder stir well keep this one day in dark place without touch.

Then serve it with favorite thali.

Next day stir well and cure under hot sun for 6-7 days.

Relish your pickle with your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I prefer to do the latter because its give more tastier Store pickle in a dry place and once a week cure under hot sun.

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