ଖିରା ସର – Kheera Sara –

ଖିରା ସର – Kheera Sara –

Kheera is important part of sweet consume after Mahaprasad Sevan ( Madhurena Samapayet mean Everything ends well in transcendental bliss! ). Kheera is sweet, for balancing the sweet, some amount of cheese ( Cottage Chees ) are used. Time of consuming every one is a silent mode because of enjoyment..

In my childhood, all my friend in competition mode who take the maximum amount Kheera Chena.. But that time is gone long long ago.

Aahh but timely people prefer to add Sara ( Cream ), Consuming Sweet of Kheera timely decreasing too. Nowadays people take maximum 3 spoon to 10 spoon. AAh it is magically melt in the mouth.

note by: Rajeswar Mohanty


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