Ouu Khata in mustard gravy

Ouu Khata in a mustard gravy

Ouu Khatta (Odia: ଓଉ ଖଟା) is a sweet and sour chutney made of elephant apple (ouu) Dillenia indica in jaggery in the Indian state of Odisha mostly in post monsoon season. The elephant apple is rich in vitamin C.

Ouu Khata in a mustard gravy

– 2 Ouu fruit cutting as your desired shape
– Mustard Paste of 2 full spoon mustard
– Gudd 2 spoon / 3 spoon sugar
– Dry Red Mirichi
– Cuury 4 to 5 Leaves
– Pancha Futan

Ouu Khata in a mustrad gravy
Ouu Khata in a mustrad gravy

Boil the ouu cutting in water in some minutes with salt for a tender feel. Make a semi rough paste of mustard seed. In a kadhai put oil, when oil give smokes put pancha futan then add dry red mirichi then curry leaves. Put ouu and give a sute for mintues. Then add mustard paste and water. Then add Guud or sugar, in your preference sugar in take. Boil the gravy and reduce it half.

The sweet sout and tanginess of mustard make your food complete.